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Matt O’Brien has been a boxing fan for as long as he can remember, probably around the time he was bought his first punch-bag many visits from Santa Claus ago. Not long after that he began acting out Tyson-Bruno I with his older and much bigger brother. The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that the punch-bag only came with a single pair of boxing gloves, but nevertheless he has been hooked on the sport ever since.

After training in various amateur boxing gyms throughout his teens and early twenties, Matt finally competed in his first and only amateur boxing bout in 2005, sadly deciding to throw everything he’d ever learnt about the sport out of the window in the very first round of the contest in favour of some good ‘ol fashioned windmilling, and was saved by his trainer’s white towel in the second. Matt still occasionally works out in boxing gyms and takes part in classes, however at ten years and a few pounds (stones?) past his peak, he is unlikely to rectify boxing’s official “worst amateur record in history” (0-1) anytime soon. His claim to fame as a boxer therefore remains briefly training in the same gym as British boxing legend Carl Froch and once sparring a round with then British bantamweight champion Nicky Booth (“sparring” here being used in the slightly looser sense of “one person moving around the ring with the other person trying and failing to hit them”).

In 2005 Matt graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Bachelor’s Degree in philosophy, and in 2011 graduated from Birkbeck College, University of London with a Master’s Degree in the same subject. He has been an English instructor at China Agricultural University’s International College in Beijing since 2011, forlornly imparting his lack of knowledge on the nuances of the Queen’s grammar to a selection of hapless foreign language students.

And so, despite being qualified as neither a professional philosopher nor a professional boxer, he hopes that being somewhat of a novice in both areas may amount to something when combining the two together. Since February 2016 Matt has been a contributor to, and his work has been published on a variety of other platforms, including,, and Over five years since he originally opened his blog, Matt still occasionally enjoys referring to himself in the third person, in a mild attempt at self-depreciating humour.

He can be contacted anytime at: and followed on Twitter @Boxinphilosophy.

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  1. lance "boom boom" brown
    Mar 8 2010

    your just a bum,,,,you chose to walk the earth, “like kane in kung foo”


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