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About Boxingphilosophy

Boxingphilosophy is a blog dedicated to discussion and analysis of news, events and history from the world of boxing. The website serves both as a platform for new essays and as a collection of published works by author Matt O’Brien.

Boxing is one of the oldest and most compelling sports in history, and boxing fans can be some of the most passionate and vociferous of all sports fans. Sadly, all too often passionate support for a particular fighter can spill over into hurling insults from behind a keyboard. Screams of “Pactard” and “Gayweather” have become all-too familiar accompaniments to the comments section of any given boxing article on the internet.

Just as it is easier to swing a drunken fist on a street corner than to step inside a controlled combat situation with rules, judges and a referee though, so too it is easier to scream obscenities from the comfort of an armchair than to debate with your opponent constructively and meaningfully in order to persuade them of your prevailing point of view.

The idea behind Boxingphilosophy then, is simple: to engage with current issues and relevant themes within the sport of boxing in a constructive and insightful manner. The aim is to produce essays on the sport of boxing adhering to the highest possible standards of academic integrity and containing critical, thoughtful, honest, original analysis. People who share a passion for the sweet science are encouraged to share their opinions; all comments will be accepted and every piece of constructive feedback will be warmly welcomed. Please therefore feel free to post comments, rate articles (however harshly) and state your disagreements. Just don’t call me a “Pactard”, “Gayweather”, “Pacroid” or “Flomo”. It really is childish.

“All ideas should be open to questioning, and the merit of ideas should be assessed on the strength of evidence that supports them and not on the credentials or affiliations of the individuals proposing them. It is not a recipe for a comfortable life, but it is demonstrably a powerful engine for understanding how the world actually works and for applying this understanding.”

Lord May, Former President of the Royal Society.

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