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January 9, 2010


Boxing-Philosophy Fantasy League: Explained

by Matt O'Brien

Analyzing a contest and breaking down the relative strengths and weaknesses of the combatants is one thing; picking the right winner is quite another. Keeping a record of just how many fights we can all get right (and wrong) may well end up proving an exercise in embarrassment, but it should be fun nevertheless.

The rules and points system will be kept to a minimum in the interests of simplicity. Anyone is welcome to join at any stage of the game, although obviously the later you join the harder it will be to earn the points to climb the table.

At the end of the year the person with the most points will have the glory of standing astride undoubtedly the greatest league table since Baddiel & Skinner graced our screens on a Friday evening with the one and only original Fantasy Football League. Aside from these priceless bragging rights, the winner will also receive the fantastic prize of a return air-ticket to any destination in the world of their choosing!*

The idea is simple: make a prediction for who you think will win an upcoming fight and how they will win it. Every correct pick receives points.

The Rules and Points System (in brief) are as follows:

(1) If you pick the correct winner of a fight, you receive three points.

(2) If you pick the correct method of victory (either points or stoppage) you receive a further two points.

(3) If you correctly pick if the fight will end under or over a pre-designated number of rounds, you receive one point.

The total number of points available for a single fight is therefore six.

Email your predictions to or leave them as a comment on this blog!

The Rules and Points System (in detail) are as follows:

(1) If you pick the correct winner of a fight, you receive three points.

(2) If you pick the correct method of victory, you receive a further two points. In the interests of simplicity, the only methods of victory will be: (a) a points victory; (b) stoppage/t.k.o or k.o.

In the event of a disqualification or a fight being stopped due to a cut or otherwise accidental injury (i.e. not caused by a punch) points will be given for picking the winner but not for the method.

(3) If you pick correctly in the “under/over” round betting (according to Sky Sports SkyBet) you receive a further one point. Note: Your “under/over” pick must be consistent with your method of victory pick. So you cannot pick someone to win on points and pick “under” (e.g 10 rounds) in the “under/over” betting. Where Sky do not post odds on this it will be taken from another source. Note: “Over round 10” = 1oth round or over; “Under round 10” = 9th round or under.

(4) The maximum points gained for any individual fight is therefore six; if you pick correctly all of the following: the winner, whether he wins by points or by knockout and whether the fight will end under or over X number of rounds. Note: if you pick the wrong winner you DO NOT receive any points for the method, but you DO still receive a point if you pick the under/over round correctly.

(5) Fights selected to be part of the Boxing-Philosophy League points process will be posted on the blog at least one week in advance of the fight taking place; but will usually be scheduled well in advance (see the Boxing-Philosophy Fight Schedule for upcoming bouts). Reader’s are encouraged to make suggestions for fights to be included in the league. The “under/over” round betting will be posted next to the fight in the Boxing-Philosophy Fight Schedule.

(6) Fights should be reasonably well-known in order that everyone can make an educated pick. There’s no point including a fight on some obscure undercard in a back water of Columbia that no one has ever heard of. Most contests will involve European and American fighters and will usually involve titles.

(7) There will be a Boxing-Philosophy League Fight Prediction page posted one week before the contest takes place, stating the pick of yours truly.

(8) The points totals will be viewable in The Boxing-Philosophy League Table. Points will be updated following each contest. Next to each persons name a record of correct picks will be kept and appear as Winner/Method/UnderOver. New editions to the table will start on zero points, regardless of how many contests they have missed.

If you want to take part, just send me an email and I’ll add you to the table! I have started by taking the liberty of adding certain names to the table of whom I am presupposing entrance. If these people fail to take part they will remain on zero points and everyone else in the table will feel better that they are not the one propping up the table!


*In the event that any person except the editor of this blog wins the Boxing-Philosophy League, the return air-ticket prize becomes null and void. He promises though that he will buy you a drink or two next time he sees you.

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  1. lance "boom boom" brown
    Mar 23 2010

    Arthur Abrham to win on points,over Dirrel


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