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April 1, 2010


Big Fight Predictions: Haye vs Ruiz & Hopkins vs Jones II

by Matt O'Brien

This weekend sees action both sides of the Atlantic with a potential TWELVE points up for grabs in the Boxing-Philosophy Fantasy League. That translates to potentially a massive swing in the table, so anyone could end up top of the league by the end of the weekend’s proceedings.

First up in Manchester, England, David Haye defends his WBA heavyweight championship of the world for the first time against tough and tested American John Ruiz. The under/over rounds betting for this fight will be eight (8) rounds.

Then over in the good ‘ol U.S of A Bernard Hopkins will meet Roy Jones Junior for the OAP championship of the world. The fight will be a rematch of their IBF middleweight title fight in 1993, in which Jones won an easy unanimous decision. The fight will also break numerous Guinness world records, including: the longest time between a fight and a rematch; the oldest combined age for any two fighters anywhere in the history of the universe; and least public demand ever for a boxing match.

My personal favourites though are the records attempting to be broken by the promoters: (1) how many stupid Americans will pay $50 for a diabolical PPV card in one night? (2) how many free tickets is it possible to give away before a PPV fight?

The match is an intriguing clash of styles, basically boiling down to which you prefer: the walking stick or the zimmer frame? It should be fascinating. The local boxing commission has also agreed to waive any pre- or post-fight drugs tests, on the basis that both men will need to take their respective prescription medication before and after the bout. The under/over rounds betting for this fight will be ten (10) rounds. As in, do you think you can stay awake for at least 10 rounds?

Check back on the blog for a full (Haye-Ruiz) Big Fight Preview.

Send your predictions to, or leave them as a comment on this page.


M.O.Boxer: (1) Haye, K.O, under 8. (2) Hopkins, unanimous points, (over 10).

‘Boom Boom’ Brown:(1) Haye, K.O, under 8. (2) Hopkins, stoppage, over 10.

Ferocious Joe: (1) Haye, K.O, under 8. (2) Hopkins, K.O/stoppage, under 10.

H. Grenyer: (1) Haye, K.O, over 8. (2) Hopkins, stoppage, over 10.

John Tasker: (1) Haye, K.O, under 8. (2) Hopkins, stoppage, under 10.

Gavster: (1) Haye, K.O, under 8. (2) Jones, split-points, (over 10).

Andy Cathy: (1) Haye, points, (over 8). (2) Hopkins, K.O, under 10.

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  1. Apr 2 2010

    (1) Haye, K.O. under 8, (2) Jones Split decision


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